1. Sally, What a wonderful tribute you have given your father. I LOVE reading about the old days and I have always loved the Mancill’s. My grandpa, B.B. had a special relationship with his sister, Aunt Lee. When my grandmother, Jennie Wilson, passed away in 2001, the Mancill boys all came for Aunt Jennie. Your Dad and Glen brought an old shotgun that my grandpa (B.B.) had given Uncle Elliott when they lived in Summerdale and had nothing to hunt with. They cried saying how Grandpa helped them with firewood and boxes of food…my grandparent’s had a farm and grew their own food. I guess Uncle Elliott was not much of a farmer. 🙂 They presented the gun to my cousin, Braxton Wilson, grandpa’s namesake. They said it should stay in the Braxton Wilson name. (B.B. is Braxton Bragg Comer Wilson) Anyway, keep up the good work. I have tried to write my daddy’s stories down, we lost him last March. Never knew how much I could miss someone. Love our family!!! BTW, you mentioned the Wilson’s are from France? Can you share more on that? Thanks for sharing all this!!! Carolyn Hastings Dickinson

    • Thanks so much Caroline for the compliments, and I am glad that you enjoyed it. My records say that the Wilson’s came from Ireland. My Mancill records say that they came from France. Do you have info on John Travis Wilson’s father, C. Wilson??

      • Henry H. Wilson (1830-1908) buried in Dry Springs Cemetery, Dry Springs, Escambia County, FL with Mary Ellen Vickery-Wilson (1837-1897). We have no documentation on the Wilson ancestors past this. We have hit a brick wall. Cousin’s have been to the archives in N.C. and Washington, D.C. without luck. Their are so many Wilson’s and Henry’s at that! Story goes that John T. placed the little wrought iron fence around his parent’s plots, just like the cemetery in Blacksher, AL. Grandpa always said they came from Ireland but I’ve never found any immigration records, etc. Haven’t done much research of late…I would LOVE to go further back! On the census records, all it shows is N.C. as birthplace. Again, thanks! Your site is awesome!!! Carolyn

      • I found a George Wilson born in 1728 born in Carskerdo (near st. Andrews), Scotland, who married an Elizabeth McCreary in 1749 in Ireland. She was born in 1730 in Ireland. He died Feb. 1777 in Quibbletown (New Market), Ireland. They had son, Capt. John Wilson, born 1753 in Staunton, Augusta Co, Virginia. Think maybe they are related?? I have more I have collected.

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